We are looking forward to seeing you in Alexandria Virginia for the fifth annual All Hands Meeting! This year’s theme is "Platform for Integration" and focuses on the many successes achieved so far by the EarthCube Community.

Highlights will feature a demonstration of the pilot registry work (Project 418), technology integration, how EarthCube defines its own success, and ways to enhance engagement in the scientific community and with external partners. Check out some session previews on the EarthCube Blog.

Here are a few logistics as you prepare for the meeting:
  • Check-in opens Wednesday, June 6 at 7:00 AM in the Foyer. (Please note there will be NO EARLY CHECK-IN this year due to another event taking place just prior to the Meeting.)
  • If you’ve already registered (and paid), all you will need to do is pick up your badge and head to breakfast!
  • If you’ve not yet paid, please try to do so before you arrive for the meeting. This will reduce the amount of time you need to spend at the check-in desk and will make your experience much smoother on Wednesday morning.
  • If you’re not sure if you’ve paid, log into your RegOnline account here and check the status of your registration.
If you have any questions, please contact the ESSO. See you soon!

Featured Speakers

avatar for Caroline Wagner

Caroline Wagner

Ohio State University

Dean Pesnell

NASA Solar Dynamics Laboratory


avatar for Ryan Abernathey

Ryan Abernathey

Columbia University
Associate Professor
avatar for Juliana Casavan

Juliana Casavan

Science Gateways Community Institute
avatar for Doug Fils

Doug Fils

Ocean Leadership
avatar for Yolanda Gil

Yolanda Gil

Research Professor of Computer Science and Spatial Sciences
avatar for Simon Goring

Simon Goring

University of Wisconsin - Madison
avatar for Jessica Hausman

Jessica Hausman

NASA HQ / ASRC Federal
avatar for Gwen Jacobs

Gwen Jacobs

University of Hawaii

Ken Keiser

University of Alabama in Huntsville
Research Scientist
avatar for Deborah Khider, PhD

Deborah Khider, PhD

Information Sciences Institute University of Southern California
Data Scientist
avatar for Rebecca Koskela

Rebecca Koskela

Ronin Institute
Executive Director, RDA-US
avatar for Kerstin Lehnert

Kerstin Lehnert

avatar for Eric Lingerfelt

Eric Lingerfelt

EarthCube Science Support Office
Technical Officer
avatar for Nancy Maron

Nancy Maron

BlueSky to BluePrint, LLC
avatar for Matthew Mayernik

Matthew Mayernik

National Center for Atmospheric Research
Deputy Library Director
avatar for Ouida Meier

Ouida Meier

University of Hawaii
Science Liaison - EarthCube Office

Amy Myrbo

University of Minnesota

Gelu Nita

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Manish Parashar

NSF, Office of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure
avatar for Scott D. Peckham

Scott D. Peckham

University of Colorado, Boulder
Senior Research Scientist

Deana Pennington

University of Texas at El Paso
Associate Professor of Geological Scineces
avatar for Suzanne Pierce, Ph.D.

Suzanne Pierce, Ph.D.

Texas Disaster Information System
avatar for Mohan Ramamurthy

Mohan Ramamurthy

ESSO Principal Investigator
avatar for Kristen Rasmussen

Kristen Rasmussen

Colorado State University
Assistant Professor
avatar for Stephen Richard

Stephen Richard

U. S. Geoscience Information Network
Independent contractor
avatar for Erin Robinson

Erin Robinson

Metadata Game Changers
Co-founder and CEO

Jocelyn Sessa

Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel Universit
avatar for Adam Shepherd

Adam Shepherd

Technical Director
avatar for Shelley Stall

Shelley Stall

American Geophysical Union
Vice President Open Science Leadership
avatar for D. Sarah Stamps

D. Sarah Stamps

Virginia Tech
avatar for David Tarboton

David Tarboton

Utah State University

Elisha Wood-Charlson

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Eva Zanzerkia

EarthCube Program Manager